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Our law firm provides comprehensive services related to acquisition, disposal, burdening and use of real property. We advise both in civil and administrative cases concerning real property. Our services mainly consist of:

  • preparing and analysing contracts, which subject is real property (sale, lease, donation of real property);

  • advising and representing in cases regarding protection of ownership or possession, carrying out succession, partition of a succession, co-ownership dissolution, including statutory joint property of spouses, and usucaption proceedings, etc.;

  • researching and analysing legal status of real property, verifying and organising the land and mortgage registers as well as preparing applications to make an entry in the land and mortgage register (entries and deletions of mortgages and other encumbrances, updating the content);

  • advising and providing a legal assistance in proceedings regarding perpetual usufruct (appealing against conversions of annual fees for perpetual usufruct and converting the right of perpetual usufruct into the right of ownership).

Permanent legal services
Giving advice and preparing legal opinions
Legal audits, due diligence
Debt collection and business intelligence

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We provide the highest quality services in various fields of law. We guarantee an individual approach to each client, full professionalism of provided services and effectiveness of our actions.