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Piekarski & Partners Law Firm provides comprehensive legal services both to individual clients and business entities. Due to diverse needs of our clients originated from the form of business structure and type of cases, it is essential to ensure various forms of cooperation between our law firm and the client. Taking into consideration the aims of our clients and the duty to provide reliable services, we propose the following types of cooperation:

  • permanent legal services,

  • one-off task,

  • distance services,

  • representing before national and administrative courts.

Within the scope of the permanent legal services we offer assistance in the form of:

  • emergency phone consultations,

  • via e-mail,

  • face-to-face meetings on the specific dates,

  • stand-by time,

  • written opinions, detailed analyses, short explanations, etc.

Emergency assistance is based on:

  • one-off advice or consultation,

  • conducting a specific case before the court, enforcement and administration authorities,

  • drafting documents or applications.

We look forward to cooperating with you in any form!

Permanent legal services
Giving advice and preparing legal opinions
Legal audits, due diligence
Debt collection and business intelligence

Why Piekarski & Partners Law Firm?

We provide the highest quality services in various fields of law. We guarantee an individual approach to each client, full professionalism of provided services and effectiveness of our actions.