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For many years Piekarski & Partners Law Firm has been providing services in the field of claims trading and debt collection on behalf of business entities and natural persons.

Nowadays, delays in payment are major concern of the market. Therefore, the effectiveness of debt collection is significantly dependent on the response time of the creditor and an immediate taking the necessary steps aiming at enforcing ones claims.

Prevention and security of claims are significant factors of conducting business safely and thoroughly.

A constant affecting the debtor, regarding using a wide array of effective methods of debt recovery, is a crucial factor of future success in the long run.

We would like to offer you professional and effective debt collecting services, in particular:

  • analysing the debtors solvency and securing effective performance of contracts (pledge, mortgage, bill of exchange, suretyship, etc.)

  • monitoring of payments (negotiation, scheduling payments, calls for payment)

  • door step and phone call recovery

  • court ordered repossession and judicial recovery - using all legal means aiming at satisfying ones claims

  • representing in court and enforcement proceedings in disputes before public courts and enforcement authorities

  • preparing applications, answers, responses, appeals and other documents during proceedings before courts of all instances in order to obtain a final writ of execution

  • supervising the proceedings in running and actions taken by the court

  • co-operation with court enforcement officers in order to obtain high efficiency of execution at extremely low judicial and enforcement costs

  • conducting supplementary proceedings in case of an ineffective enforcement by diverting the debt recovery activities against other entities, in particular shareholders, members of the Management Board of a limited liability company as well as filing a lawsuit (actio Pauliana) against a third party to whom the debtor has transferred their assets with intent to harm the creditor

  • representing in the bankruptcy and reorganisation proceedings, including claiming a debt against a bankrupt and filing a bankruptcy petition

  • filing a notification on suspicion of committing a criminal offence regarding actions taken by the debtor in order to harm their creditor

Our activities are supported by a debt collector WERTUS Profesjonalna Windykacja Limited liability company who has the necessary means of carrying out an effective door step recovery and specialises in sophisticated methods of finding the debtors assets by using private detective investigations too.

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We provide the highest quality services in various fields of law. We guarantee an individual approach to each client, full professionalism of provided services and effectiveness of our actions.